Home Performance & Comfort

What is your home’s performance level? Your home’s performance is directly related to your home comfort level and energy savings! A well performing home will save you money and increase the comfort level!

At Kousma, we are more than just an insulating company. We are all about Home Performance! Each house is unique, therefore, we take a system approach to retrofitting homes. Our goal is to develop a good understanding of how all the systems in a home interact in order to make the home more energy efficient, comfortable, durable, and with good air quality.

The key to Home Performance Contracting is a well thought out set of integrated energy saving measures installed and tested onsite while the energy efficiency retrofit work is being performed. We use a series of diagnostic tests such as a blower door test, infrared thermography, combustion appliance safety, etc. . All of our work is measured and tested to ensure improved Home Performance.